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Top/Bottom X On Same Visual Chart

Why have two charts when you can have one? And this one keeps the same scale and context too!

Create a chart that shows both top and bottom 5, 10, or parameterized value the user can choose, values by a category.

Create the parameter

  1. Click Modeling ribbon

  2. Click Parameter button

  3. Type in name for the parameter, "Top/Bottom X"

  4. Type in a minimum, 1

  5. Type in a maximum, 20

  6. Type in a default, 5

  7. Click "OK"

A table will be created with your parameter values and measure to access the current picked value. This is DAX you can edit later.

DAX Measure

Put it together

  1. Create your bar chart with category and value measure used

  2. Select visual and open filter pane

  3. Add the "Rank Measure by Column Flag" measure to "Filters on this visual".

  4. Filter it to equal 1.

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